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At Times Clothing, we're committed to delivering high-quality, defect-free products worldwide. Our complete, pre-planned manufacturing process is optimized for efficiency, and we manage every step of production in-house using state-of-the-art machines. 

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High-Quality Combed Yarn

All our cotton garments are made from high-quality combed yarn, giving them a softer feel.

All our fabrics are fine-knit to achieve a smooth feel and great comfort, making our garments ideal for printing and embroidery.

Fabrics are fully linear compacted before garments are made to achieve maximum shrinkage control.

Fine-Knit Fabrics

Maximum Shrinkage Control

At Times Clothing, we're dedicated to making sure your garments are customized to your exact specifications. Explore our wide range of custom clothing options and start customizing your order.

Our attention to detail ensures that we meet the most stringent quality standards. To judge the quality of our products, we have several measures in place, including:

Colour Fastness

Utmost care is taken to ensure color fastness to perspiration, rubbing, and washing.

Formaldehyde is a chemical compound that can be present in fabric and we take steps to ensure it is as per the regulatory authority.

Our fabrics are constructed with tight weaves and substantial knit structures to ensure the strong durability of the fabric over time.

Formaldehyde Content Testing


Low Piling

Low piling refers to the minimal formation of small, fuzzy balls of fibers on the surface of fabrics. All our fabrics undergo rigorous testing to ensure this.

We also manufacture clothing from double mercerized fabric, which helps prolong the life of the garment wash after wash.

Double Mercerized Fabric

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