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Find answers to commonly asked questions about our process of manufacturing clothing. Whether you're new to the industry or experienced, browse through the Q&As for valuable insights on design, production, and shipping. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

Clothing Manufacturing

The Answers You Need

  • We are one of the top private label clothing manufacturers and provide all kinds of OEM and ODM services as per the requirements of our buyers. Tags, labels or any other kind of embellishments like stickers, safety locks, zips, buttons etc can be developed as per your designs and attached to the products manufactured for you. However, all these embellishments do have higher MOQs (in 1000s) and can be stored by us for future use on your following orders.

  • We offer following services:

    • Pattern Making and Grading

    • Prototype or Sampling Development

    • Printing; We offer a variety of printing techniques like water or rubber based screen printing, digital printing, sublimation, embossing, gold or silver foil printing, glitter printing etc.

    • Embroidery; We have state of the art Tajima embroidery machines and use fine threads like Madeira or similar threads to enhance final finishing of the embroidery design if required.

    • Special finishes on fabrics or garments

    • Custom Buttons, Zips, Pullers etc. These usually have higher MOQ’s around 10 – 30k pcs custom made for you.

    • Custom Tags, Labels, Heat Transfers, Product Stickers etc

    • Shipping

  • We need the following information from you and we can start with the sampling process or as required:

    • Complete tech pack or else a garment itself that can be couriered on to our mailing address,

    • Details like fabric construction, GSM, information on knitting or weaving style of the base fabric, along with logo and artwork design files (if any),

    • Your expected order quantities per size per colour

  • We are most comfortable with long term contracts where our buyers provide us forecast of their monthly requirements. We can then organise raw material and control contingencies to provide regular ready product deliveries on time.

  • As we are bespoke apparel manufacturers and every order is different to the other thus our minimum order quantities are not fixed.


    However, once you share your idea, design and spec charts we can then define an MOQ for that particular order depending on its design complexity, base fabric and any other accessory requirements. However, cost effective pricing can be given for 500 or above pieces/style/colour.

  • Depending on the design and the materials required for the sample development it can vary somewhere between 5-10 days from the date we receive complete required information and sampling payment.


The Answers You Need

  • The tech pack or sometimes called a spec chart is basically a blueprint of all the information regarding your design compiled together neatly for us to understand and manufacture your clothing designs accurately. To give you an idea of the same we have uploaded a sample spec chart file for your reference.

Shipping & Logistics

The Answers You Need

  • Yes we can deliver the products to you via air or sea, where air takes up to 5-7 days and sea around 35 – 45 days.

    If you want door-to-door delivery, then we can manage that too!

  • We are located in Ajman, United Arab Emirates which is about 40 kilometers from Dubai.

  • Shipping depends on two factors – destination and weight / volume, thus we would require these two pieces of information to get you the best quotes.

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