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Experience the difference with Times Clothing

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About Us

At Times Clothing, our in-house manufacturing process ensures quality control from yarn sourcing to packaging the finished product. In Mumbai, India, we process the yarn into fabric, dye it, and quality-check it before cutting and stitching it into a variety of garments. These garments are then embroidered or printed and individually packed at our Dubai, UAE unit. We specialize in manufacturing a range of advanced quality merchandize and garment products to meet our customers' needs. 

We pride ourselves on producing and supplying top-quality garments at competitive prices while providing the best service to our customers. By fully understanding our customers' unique requirements, we work closely with them to provide the finest garment products. Our product range includes Men's Wear, Ladies Wear, Children's Wear, Sports Wear, and more. We cater to prominent clients and are capable of executing orders at short notice, committed to meeting various customer needs.

Who We Are

No Debt-Bonded Labor

We are committed to ensuring that none of our labor contractors engage in bonded or forced labor practices.

Environmental Compliance

 We minimize the use of resources at all stages of the supply chain to reduce direct or indirect carbon emissions.

Minimum CO2 Footprint

We require compliance with all local and international laws protecting the environment, including proper storage and disposal of hazardous substances. We conduct business in a manner that minimizes waste and energy consumption and maximizes recycling.

Green Workplace

We take initiatives such as shutting down lights when not required, recycling, and minimizing wastage to create a green workplace.

Ethical Manufacturing

At Times Clothing, we prioritize ethical and sustainable practices to create a positive impact on our environment and society. Here's how we do it:

We believe in being responsible and sustainable while creating high-quality garments. Join us on this journey towards ethical and sustainable practices. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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